Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Schools out!

I have to rewind a little bit as usual I have catching up to do. I don’t seem to make the time to sit down and type like I used to do. This working, 2 callings, keeping up with Kiel, and the kids… it’s all exhaustingly different than the past 9 years of our marriage.. but it’s just fun in a different kind of way.

ok so May 21st was Connor’s last day of school. He really enjoyed school this year. He had a great teacher and he is already missing school.


One of the last days of school I made these Cake pops for all Connor’s teachers and aids. I went in to have lunch with him and watched him as he proudly handed out his apples. He’s such a sweetheart at times… I was at work the last day of school but when Connor came home Kiel said he took him out for a treat and then picked up some Pokemon Cards.. ( the latest fad I guess….) He had a great year, and we are proud of him, this year has been a lot of changes and he has been wonderful with each one. So I am proud of our “Nonnor”


After School was out Kiel and I were excited about exploring more of Alaska. The weather has been Gorgeous this spring so every sunny day we are outside playing and gardening and out exploring.


This is the scene I usually see from my kitchen window. I love that the kids love being outside and playing with the neighborhood kids. We are so lucky to be such a great neighborhood with kids their ages that play so well together!!!

One of our first trips we planned was a day in Homer! The very southern tip of the peninsula. It’s a gorgeous town with views of the ocean and the mountain range surround the bay. On a clear day it’s breathtaking! There is a strip of land that goes out into the middle of the ocean and on it there are restaurants, shops, hotels, camping sites and then the docks of course! It was a beautiful day, not all the shops were quite open yet but we had a great time! 




The next week Kiel went back to Homer with a friend of his and they fished off the shore and he came home with 7 flounder and a Pollock. So I fried them up in panko and we ate it up for dinner. The kids Loved it!!! (surprisingly)


We love Exploring and there is much more to come!!! Stay Tuned!!

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