Sunday, June 24, 2012

Las Vegas

2 weeks ago ( I know I’ve been slacking on my blogs) the kids and I went to Las Vegas to visit Grandma and Grandpa Miller and Aunt Erin. The trip started a little bumpy… We were all loaded up ready to go, kids buckled in, Curtis was fed and ready for a nap. Kiel had just got home right in time to say a prayer with us. Kiel gave me a kiss and I started up the truck…… nothing… tried again… again nothing.. The battery was dead. Of course Kiel turned to me and said, “what did you do?” A valid question to me…. but this time I didn’t do anything… well after an hour of jumping the truck and then testing the 2 batteries (yes of course my truck needs 2 batteries) we had 2 new batteries and we were ready to roll. The kids were Surprisingly very good in the 6 hour ride to Vegas. We stopped once the kids ate happy meals while I fed Curtis in the back seat. Worked out great. We really do enjoy our Excursion. So comfy for these types of trips!

Once in Vegas we were able to relax a little…  The kids played at the park nearly every day. 2012-06-05 12.36.152012-06-05 12.37.42

Ever since Eric and Libby attempted to make Cannoli’s at my house back in April I have wanted to try an authentic cannoli. So Erin and I found a great NY style pizza place there and we tried their cannoli’s. Delicious!!! Can’t say I remember liking them much but we enjoyed them! At least NY is good for one thing……

2012-06-05 19.22.06

One day My and Mom and I took the kids to the Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay Casino. 2012-06-07 11.22.16 

Curtis looks very serious here.. but he really enjoyed seeing all the fish…

2012-06-07 11.23.25

I didn’t get a lot of great photos from my phone of the kids… they were too excited to sit still…

2012-06-07 11.52.18

On the way home we were discussing where to go for lunch when we heard a POP.. and then followed by a low hissing sound… I luckily was able to get off the freeway and to the side of the road safely. The back tire had popped. I have to say that Kiel did warn me that we needed to look into getting new tires for the truck. With Kiel using the truck to pull his trailer and the dealership put the wrong type of tire on it originally… they were wearing down faster than normal. My Mom and I got out and with Kiel on the phone we tried to figure out how to change the tire… being in a skirt made things a little more challenging. But just as I was about to call my insurance company to see if we had road side assistance two men pulled up behind us and asked if we needed a hand… “YES!!” we yelled : ) They saved the day! There are still good people out there! They had it switched over and we were off to Costco for 4 new tires! While waiting for our tires to be replaced we ended up eating lunch at Costco. Yummy Costco hotdogs : )  So to say the least, we had an eventful day!

2012-06-07 12.53.34

While in Las Vegas Curtis hit is 5 Month mark!!! Silly boy… I think he was hoping there would be some ice cream on that spoon… a little disappointed.

 2012-06-07 19.55.15

One day we went out to lunch… My kids just love love their Grandma Miller… I sat next to Curtis… only because he didn’t have a choice…

2012-06-08 12.11.01

After Lunch we took Grandpa his Father’s Day gifts. My siblings and I went in together on a gift for Father’s Day.

 2012-06-08 13.05.59

We got him an automatic candy machine filled with some of his favorites….

a gift card to his favorite spot, Lucille’s BBQ (My idea Dad… ) and a case of Mason jars (Just because he’s weird and he likes drinking from them… again dad, my idea… just have to put that out there : )  ) Love you pops!

2012-06-08 13.09.12

On Saturday I took my sister Erin to the IBS Show (International Beauty Show) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.We met up with 3 girls I used to work with in my old salon, which was really nice hanging out with them again but it was nice bringing Erin into my world a little bit.. It was an amazing convention. There were so many vendors and so much to see. We could have spent all weekend there. It was really fun being there with her!!!

2012-06-09 13.50.52

Here’s just some more fun pictures…. Curtis loved his Grandma time…. He picked up pretty quickly that Grandma will come to the rescue any time he cried… he loved it!!!

2012-06-11 12.39.142012-06-11 18.51.43








We spent a lot of time swimming, playing at the park and going to the splash pad. We had a great time! We like Las Vegas.

2012-06-12 09.50.032012-06-12 16.38.52








On the way home, again the kids were great. We stopped once so I could feed Curtis. Connor helped out with Curtis when he cried and he was so proud of himself when he helped Curtis go to sleep. The kids watched a couple of movies and we sang songs.

2012-06-13 13.16.48

When we got home Daddy was there waiting for us. This is after being home for 10 minutes. Chloe found herself upstairs putting on her princess dress. Silly girl. But they did miss their Daddy very much!! We always miss him when we are away but I’m sure Kiel already misses his Quiet house : )

2012-06-13 14.57.07

Home Sweet Home!