Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring update

Again I've been bad about posting on my blog but i want to do an update on what's been happening this month. It was about 2.5 weeks ago I got really sick and found out I had tonsillitis... Something I get a lot so I knew the drill... Went right away to a doctor to get a RX to kill it... Pretty much this doctor told me it's my fault that I keep getting tonsillitis from all the antibiotics I have taken over the years... Needless to say she didn't make me feel to good... My bad... You get sick, have surgery you take antibiotics to kill the infections..... My bad.... I get what she was saying but when you are sick and just want to go home and die all you want to hear is a little of hope. "You're going to be ok", "you'll feel better soon", "you're not going to die".... Great examples.. But no... It's my fault this keeps happening every year and no I don't recommend you removing your tonsils... Great!! I don't believe she will be on my christmas card list for next year. Blah. But I am grateful for kiel who had just gotten off from a 12hour night shift and first thing when he got home was help with the kids so I could sleep until my appointment and then drove me to my dr appointment and then to get my Rx. Then he crashed. My real life superhero. Thank goodness for drugs I have to say. Within two/three days I was feeling a little better... Bbt never 100%. I took a couple of days off of work to get better but I still made it to work a couple of days at the end of the week. Not a great week. Bbt my the weekend I was feeling a little better... But the kids I believe gave it back to me... By Monday morning, a whole week later there I was sick again but this time with an annoying cold. That is still lingering....... But instead of being lazy I decided it was time to just dive into full potty trainging withu Curtis... Could've been since I was too lazy/sick to go get more diapers but hey I'm sick not going anywhere so why not... I have to say... A week and a half later kiel and I are so impressed with this little man. He's doing amazing... He doesn't fight it (except in the morning when he's still sleepy but honestly.. We all are a little cranky in the morning,,, I am!!!! kiel will testify to that one!!) Curtis is honestly so far been the easiest, kindest, sweetest, tender baby we have had.... Connor was torture.... Chloe.... Ehh... Did well in the beginning but lazy here and there for a very long time... But I'm impressed with Curtis... He really understands and communicates so well he makes it easy. Thank goodness.. I thought parents that said they had easy kids when it came to things like this were truly lying...yeah right.... But not that Curtis has potty trained himself but compared to the other two C's he has made it easier and less stressful. maybe because I'm a little bit more relaxed about it he's calmer. Whio knows. Either way things are going well and no more diapers!!!! Yeah!! Our last one!!!!! Now on to the hard things... Ha. As a parent you find yourself thinking that if only we can make it through this "stage" then it will get better.. Yeah right... I never believed that... It's just on to the next unknown challenge... Like for example.. Connor is 6.5 and is full of emotion and attitude. All of sudden he's this big kid to me. Sometimes I can truly rely on him to help me but then again I can't... It's challenging to figure out that balance of what he can and can't or should and shouldn't do. He's in this limbo between little kid and big kid activities and attitude. It's a challenge somedays. But we are so proud of him, he's growing so quickly and doing well in school and by the day growing with confidence and daring to do things he would never in the past. Chloe on the other hand.... Phew,, that girl is mainly living in what we like to call "LaLa land" sometimes I really feel like we should get her hearing checked out. I will call her name over 10 times and she still doesn't respond... I know she can hear... I've tested her myself but she has so many things going on I her head that she doesn't listen to anything else... It really worries me sometimes as we are getting her ready for kindergarten next year I wonder if she is ready sometimes. I broke down to kiel one night about Chloe and how I hate that I can't communicate with her like i do with Connor and even Curtis. She doesn't listen so we can't really carry on a conversation at times. Repeating myself a thousand times during each conversation is frustrating to me so at times I just don't say anything to here, it's hard, but I have to be patient and get it while I can. One of the few times that I really can talk with Chloe is when we are in the bathroom and I'm doing her hair. Silly I know but that's our time together and sometimes I get through to her and I try to connect with her. I love and adore her and I know this is just one if those "phases" so I just have to be patient and keep trying, 
In other things.... Kiel is still working over nights.. Usually it's 4on4off but for the past month and up until cinco de mayo (Claire's bday!!) he's working 5on3off which is rough,,, he barely gets enough sleep and we don't get to see him much...... I don't get to see him much! :( and because of his longer schedules I haven't been able to work as much. But being sick it's been ok. 
Things around here have been warming up and everything is starting to green up me which excites us. We are ready for summer.. The sun is staying up longer and longer. Right now it doesn't get completely dark until 10:30 and it's only April... This summer is going to be a bright one :) #alaskaliving

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Emenince class

Gina (third from the left, brown curly hair) is the owner of the salon I work and she arranged for as many as us who could, go on a over night trip to anchorage for an eminence skin care class. I believe I written I about the products before so I won't go on about it but i am in love with this skin care line and was psyched to learn as much I could. I have been doing as much studying as I can on my own through their website, YouTube, and of course their products and books....  We had a great time... There were only 5 of us who could make it which was sad, we missed everyone left home. We had a great time. 

When I walked into the conference room at our hotel I saw our instructor... Her name is Natalie and she is who I watch all the time in the eminence Channel on YouTube she is like the #2 at the company. Such a smart and kind woman. She knows everything when it comes to ski care. I could've sat there all day listening to her. Loved her class. Just made me fall more in love with the line and excited to head home and give more facials. 

It was a great experience and I am so grateful I was able to go. It worked out perfectly with Kiel's work schedule and he was so great to be with the kids so I could go. 

Brave Chloe

After coming home I decided it was that time again to visit the dentist. The kids and I went back in Arizona before we moved here. Connor was so amazing but Chloe on the other hand was kinda a nightmare. It took two attempts and a lot of coaxing... She was terrified. So I was very nervous about experiencing that again. So I made an appointment for Chloe and I to go in together. I went first... Chloe met the doctor who I know from him being a client at the salon so I knew she would like him. The it was Chloe's turn. She was amazing!!! Thank goodness.. I'm proud of my Chloe and her clean teeth!! Good girl.