Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Update

I have been bad lately about keeping up but honestly there hasn’t been anything major to blog about… but this is the latest….

*The first Saturday in February Kiel and I went to go see the Brian Regan Show. We took Sean and Michelle with us. It was really fun, a great show. He really is a funny guy.

*The following Monday I challenged myself to go entire month without eating sugar. It started off with no cookies, candies, cakes, ice cream etc.…. then it slowly morphed into nothing with more than a couple of grams of sugar in it… The only real thing I have had is honey and agave nectar. I thought it was going to be a real challenge but here we are on week 4 and I really haven’t struggled… so I am thinking about extending it to a year long thing. (taking each month at a time**) but I am proud of myself and I really have seen an improvement on how I feel. Along with cutting out sugar I also started to juice… I posted a couple of pictures of my pretty juices on Facebook… here are a couple.. I just love the colors. Some I really have had to choke down and just suck it up but I have really started to enjoy them and I have had one every morning for 3 weeks now!

Even the kids have enjoyed them… well some. Chloe usually comes over and tries each one and with a  smile says “yum” but she never takes another sip… (Beet juice!)

2013-02-14 09.16.43

but Connor will usually ask what’s in it before trying.. He’s hesitant with the green ones…it’s understandable. But I have to say with all the sickness going around and all of my children having this annoying cough I haven’t felt it at all.. So maybe it’s helping!!

* One part of Arizona that I love is the winter time!! It’s so beautiful and we just love the weather. The kids are outside playing most of the day and we enjoy our family bike rides. Both Connor and Chloe are great riding their bikes and they never complain about a bike ride being too long so it’s fun taking them out!

* we had a fun and exciting Hail storm last week.. and ever since the kids keep asking me to make it rain ice again… wish I could but I’m glad we were able to enjoy it! It only happens every 3 years or so… so until the next time.. 2013-02-20_17-51-29_142Connor in hail storm


*Kiel’s beard it out of control and he’s driving me crazy… but I am sure that when it starts to hit the 100’s it will magically disappear… at least that’s what I am hoping!!!  (yes, that’s popcorn in his beard, sorry babe.. had to do it.)

2013-02-10 13.40.47

* I made my first successful batch of whole wheat rolls…. I say that only because all of them were eaten… Nah.. they were pretty good… always room for improvement but still not that bad… *not as good as Libby’s I’m sure…

2013-02-20 13.02.01

*Just a random shot of one of Chloe’s masterpieces… she loves to color, draw and/or paint. she is pretty creative and has an amazing imagination… if only we could just get her to listen… sheesh. one of our greatest challenges.. (don’t laugh Mom and Dad… I know I’m the same way.)

 2013-02-20 13.42.49

* Something that is a little bitter, sweet.. we are selling Ol’ Blue. Well hopefully. Yesterday we gave the truck to another vendor that knows Kiel. He is “renting” it from him this month to see if it’s going to work for him and then he wants to purchase it. So Kiel put in the money for 6 new tires and had a couple of things fixed on it so it would be in good shape for this guy… Kiel is sad to see it go for sure but it’s been…….. a……. interesting 6 years. I don’t think I have prayed for any of vehicle as much as I have prayed for that old truck. Either way it’s been a blessing to have had it for this long.

Well I guess February has been more eventful than I thought… it just seems like I blink and another month has flown by…. I guess that’s just life. On to the next month. We have St. Patty’s Day.. I made a new wreath for my door… and then Easter. Happy March!

2013-02-27 08.59.56