Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Annual Summer Trip to Utah!

As tradition holds strong this summer has been no different than the past. We made our trip up to Utah to spend some time with my family. There are always things to celebrate. And this time there was much to celebrate! The kids and I traveled to Salt Lake leaving Kiel home alone to fend for himself. He started his new job and his 8 week training so he couldn’t get away for to long.

The kids and I in Phoenix as we said our goodbyes to daddy! The kids were great on the flight (thank goodness..) and we made is safely to SLC.

Michelle and kids coming to Utah

One of the first things we did once in Park City was visit the Famer’s Market and we rode the cabriolet.


The next day we went into Salt Lake and Visited the Aviary. It was such a great park and it was a gorgeous day to walk around outside. Not that Salt Lake is comparable to Arizona, We were loving it! WE saw some really beautiful birds. I think that the bald eagle was my favorite. Might be something we will be seeing a lot of in the future.

Tracy Aviary 2Tracy Aviary 3Tracy Aviary FlamingosMichelle and Kids at Tracy Aviary Connor and Chloe

Right outside the aviary the kids caught sight of a Ferris wheel and we had to check it out. Chloe, Connor and I rode the Ferris wheel (Not my favorite ride but I was surprised that they were so brave) Then Connor rode the swings… Chloe wasn’t tall enough and then Chloe rode the carousal. They had a great time.

Liberty Park ferris wheelWP_20130711_030WP_20130711_031WP_20130711_029WP_20130711_036WP_20130711_037

After leaving the park we met up with Erin and Grandma, and Grandpa Pedersen in Sugar house for lunch at Café Zupas. Chloe and My Favorite spot!!! I am so blessed to have the greatest grandparents in the worlds. They are all so sweet and supportive. They all have been such great examples to me and my little family. I love it whenever we can spend time with them.

Mom and Dad Pedersen with Chloe and ConnorKathy with Mom and Dad Pedersen

Next on the Agenda was HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIN!!! We didn’t see much of Erin this trip due to lame school  : ( But enjoyed being with her whenever we could. We went to Grub Steak House in Park City for Dinner and then we had treats at a park after. My kids adore their Aunt Erin and I am happy we all could be together to give her, her 23spankings!!

Curtis with Erin at her birthday dinnerConnor, Chloe and Curtis at Grub Steak restaurantChloe on swing 1WP_20130712_013Chloe and Connor rock climbing 2Chloe, Erin and Curtis on slideCurtis on playground 3

One thing that my parents wanted to do with each grandchild was to plant a tree in their backyard for them. So with Grandpa Connor, Chloe and I headed out and picked out trees to plant. Thank goodness I only have 3 children because digging the holes for each tree was work. But it was fun to do and it will be fun to see them grow in the future.

Connor and Chloe on Trampoline

Connor and Chloe being so helpful in the planting process….

Tree planting Michelle and Curtis

Each by their tree.

Tree planting Chloe's treeTree planting Connor's treeTree planting Curtis' Tree

As we waiting for everyone else to arrive these are things we did……..

Chloe, Connor and Curtis at streemChloe playing DSConnor playing ipadCurtisKya taking picture of Chloe

And then Monte and his 3 munchkins came!!! The house seemed to get a little nosier… but the fun had just started!

Kids in hot tub 2

Monday Morning we packed up and headed off to Lagoon. None of us had been there in a very long time so we didn’t know what to expect but overall we were all very impressed. A clean park speaks volumes to me. The kids had a BLAST!! And I’m surprised at the kids and how wonderful they were. No whining, crying or major meltdowns. It was just perfect. The sun was out but not to hot, we rode some water rides around noon so we were cooled down during the hottest time of the day. I was proud of Connor and Chloe for being so brave and riding all the rides that they were tall enough for. I have some rollercoaster riders now! It was a perfect day!


Chloe, Connor, Tyson at LagoonWP_20130715_010WP_20130715_027

WP_20130715_044DSCF1813DSCF1844DSCF1854Lagoon 8

Wednesday Eric, Libby and the Gorgeous Baby Claire FINALLY arrived the house got a little nosier but more the merrier at that point. I love it when the house is full. I have to say I’m kinda crazy about this little girl. She’s everything I thought Chloe would be… sniff sniff sniff…. just kidding.. .but she has that dark hair, brown eyes and is just delicious

I mean come’on it doesn’t get any better than this… Chloe holding her cousin Claire.

. WP_20130717_002

Thursday everyone packed up with Grandma and Grandpa Miller and went out to the lake with the boat. Another perfect day. I kinda doubted the weather thinking it wouldn’t be warm enough to be in a babying suit in the water… I mean honestly.. it barely stopped snowing a month ago : ) but Utah proved me wrong. It was wonderful and very refreshing. The kids played hard and the adults even harder. Well, Not Grandma Miller…


I guess she’s “too old for those kind of things now” Boo Grandma! The kids swam, played on the kayaks but nothing beats being pulled, whipped, flipped around behind the boat on a tube. The kids loved it.

 Michelle and Chloe on tube

I went out with Chloe once and I was so focused on her safety that I totally wiped out and left her to fend for herself on the tube. She cried and freaked out thinking I was a goner.

 Chloe on tube 

Needless to say she was a little hesitant to go back out again after that.

 Chloe and Michelle

It was nice to feel like a kid again playing in the water. And as much as I loved doing that I loved slowing down and holding this precious angel.


Best of both worlds. I just loved the fact that we had all day to hang out and relax and just talk. No stresses, no meltdowns again the kids were great and everyone got along and had clean, classic fun! More pictures from the day…

WP_20130718_007Curtis on beachDay at lake 26Day at lake 30Day at lake 62Day at lake 80Kya, Tyson and Connor on boatOff on boat Kya, Kathy, Connor, Tyson and MonteChloe and Connor after day at lake

The Next day we celebrated Connor’s 6th Birthday.


Uncle Eric was so sweet to make Connor’s birthday pancakes!

The theme this year was Ninja Turtles. I can’t believe how old he is getting.. he has lost his first 2 teeth now, he starts 1st grade next week, and he is such a sweetheart. He’s my right hand man. I love you Connor! Happy Birthday. This will be an exciting year!!



WP_20130719_023Chloe eating Connor's cakeConnor on his 6th birthdayConnor with birthday poster from KyaGrandpa George Miller with ClaireSix of our beautiful grandchildren Tyson, Curtis, Nate, Connor, Chloe and Kya


Now on to the Main event. Claire’s Baby Blessing.. but before we could party there were chores to be done. Not that the kids were too much help they made things more fun…. Uncle Eric giving the kids rides on the riding mower.

Eric and Connor on lawn mowerChloe on drivewayCurtis on driveway

Claire’s Blessing day was perfect. The weather was gorgeous. Kiel flew in that morning and was able to stand tin the circle.. just in time to leave Sad smile It was a wonderful day to be with everyone.

Kya, Claire and Libby

Claire getting in dress 2

Claire getting in dress 12Grandma and Grandpa Pedersen with Claire

Libby, Eric and Claire 2

They are still working on being able to control their daughter… She’s only crying because I wasn't there. Love you Claire.

Mark and Kathy Miller Family 2Mark and Kathy with grandchildren 3Erin Michelle Kathy Mark Monte Eric

Family Poses….




More pictures of newest member to the Crazy Miller Clan.

Claire loves bathsErin with Claire and ConnorGrandma Miller with Claire

It was a wonderful trip to Utah filled with fun, sun and luvin. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful inspiring, supportive family . I wish we all lived closer but until that magical day  comes We enjoy the time we get to be together. More pictures….

Connor in poolMichelle and CurtisDSCF1896Kya and Chloe with Suki