Saturday, September 15, 2012

Soccer Season Begins!

We signed Connor up for Connor this season with the Arizona Soccer Club, we were able to get on the same team as a couple of Connor’s friends so we were excited. Last week was supposed to be our first game but we were rained out : ( So today kick started the season! This Season I guess the team decided to be the FIRE SHARKS. The kids had fun. Connor got into it but I’m sure as the season progresses he’ll be more and more involved! If anything it’s good, wholesome entertainment: ) Here are some pictures….


I don’t know if you noticed that Huge Beautiful building in the background….. yup that’s the new Gilbert Temple!!! What a great view! Every Saturday we’ll be able to watch the temple finish. It’s gorgeous!





Connor was so excited to be goalie!!! His team did a great job because the ball never even got close.


It was an Amazing day… Warm weather, cool breeze.. Wonderful Soccer weather! We won our first game 3-1 and I am sure there are more wins to come! Go Fire Sharks!