Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer has started

The summer has officially started around here.. We are now in the 100’s. It’s a Gorgeous day if it’s under 100 but we won’t be getting many of those days anymore. But with the heat comes Swimming!! Connor has surprised us by his swimming skills. He’s usually our cautious child but when it comes to swimming this year he has been fearless. Which has been exciting (and terrifying, I get nervous sometimes.) to watch. We’ve been working with him almost every day and he can swim across the pool without help! He’s always so proud of himself!! I don’t have a lot of pictures yet… due to being in the pool with him : )

Last weekend was Gideon’s (one of Sean and Michelle’s) 4th Birthday Party.. and thanks to Grandma Theresa I have some pictures… The kids love running around with their cousins and just being kids… Connor and Chloe totally crashed in the car on our drive home… Wonderful : )


Silly Chloe…. love that tongue!!


instead of arm floaties Connor relies on his noodle… He keeps up pretty well with his cousins!

For Memorial Day we took Lunch to our favorite park here in Arizona and let the kids play. (Tumbleweed Park) When we got home, the kids took a nap and then more swimming! Another good night sleep for the kids : )

2012-05-28 12_13_112012-05-28 12_21_53[2]2012-05-28 12_24_09

Pretty cute kids… It was a great day!!!

And just for kicks and giggles… here’s Ms. Chloe doing her thang… oh, does she love to dance. I think that’s why she loves the movies Happy Feet.. not only because of the penguins (her favorite animal) but the dancing “happy feet” Enjoy the silliness!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Connor’s Sweet Prayers

We have noticed such a huge change in Connor over the past couple of months. He has been so sweet and understanding. He communicates so well with us and to Chloe. He’s such a big boy now… it makes us such proud parents to see him grow so much. In our house Connor and Chloe always seem to fight over who gets to say the prayer. We call Chloe the “prayer hijacker” because she will sneak in half way thru someone’s prayer and kinda take over with her high pitched sweet voice. Sneaky little girl. But when it comes to Connor’s prayers he has become very personal and he’s really talking to his Heavenly Father, which just melts our hearts.  I have been taking notes from the past couple of days and here are some of my favorite highlights.

 I never wanted to forget this so I have to write it down…

*Bless we watch Spiderman a lot, a lot of times.

*Bess Curtis spot spitting up… and crying… and being silly.

*Bless Daddy’s knee be good and have good feelings.

*Bless Mommy take good care of us.

*Bless Daddy take good care of us too..

*Bless Chloe be patient and stop throwing toys.

*Bless we stop having bad attitudes.

*Bless Mommy fold clothes very nicely.

*Bless we not be afraid of anything, but afraid of spiders and mean dogs.

*Bless Mommy and Daddy make good dinners.

He always blesses Daddy to work and drive safely….

He’s such a sweetheart and most of the time I have to either stop myself from laughing or crying. I am proud of him, he truly understands who he is talking to. He is building such a great relationship with his Heavenly Father. I am in such awe of that little boy. Love you Bubba.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Poor Ol’Blue

Last Monday I got a phone call at 5am from Kiel that ol’blue broke down…. so the kids and I loaded up and headed out to rescue daddy. Before Kiel came home I thought enough was enough.. and when Kiel came home he told me to get online and start looking for a new truck… we were on the same page. Finding the truck Kiel wanted was pretty easy… since there were only 2 in the valley that met his criteria. So that same day we went out and Kiel drove the truck, knew it was the one… and of course it’s blue. This is now our 5th blue truck since we’ve been married…. I guess we have a thing for blue. Kiel likes his new “er” truck, his mechanic fixed ol’blue and after Kiel switches over a couple of things from ol’blue to “new blue” he’ll probably sell it. But for now… this is what we have in our parking lot… Trucks

So for now we have 3 blue Diesel trucks that can pull Kiel’s huge trailer. I think we’re set!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

4 Month Checkup

On Monday Curtis and I headed off to Dr. Leavitt for his 4 Month well check. Going along with tradition Kiel and I placed our bets on his weight… And once again we were TOTALLY off.. 4months2

Here are Curtis’ stats:

Weight – 16.8lbs (80%)

Height – 24.5inches (35%)

Head Circumference – 16.25inches (25%)

compared to Connor and Chloe, he is our biggest by far. He is such a happy and healthy boy.. he must be doing something right…


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preschool Graduation

This year we have been so blessed to have such an amazing preschool teacher. Mrs. Newitt has been so sweet, patient and loving to our Connor. His growth has amazed us this year. He has grown up so much this past year and we couldn’t be more proud of Connor. Today at graduation Mrs. Newitt gave us all a Disc of pictures she took over the school year. So many great ones… here are a couple of my favorites :)



Connor on his way into his last day of preschool. They had fun with water that’s why he’s wearing his swimming suit…

2012-05-10 12.03.07

Closing ceremonies…. Connor hugging Mrs. Newitt

2012-05-10 14.05.142012-05-10 14.21.37

They sang us a couple of songs that they had learned over the year…. pretty cute!!!

We have loved Mrs. Newitt, she has lit Connor’s thirst for knowledge.. he has wanted to work on his letters and numbers every day (which normally I would have to bribe a little) and he now loves to color and draw. It’s fun to work with him more at home. He is very excited about going to kindergarten next year!!

Monday, May 7, 2012


The past 4weeks have been all about keeping Kiel comfortable and getting him better. I don’t believe I have much to do with his rehab but I try to keep him comfortable while he is home. I am sure… well at least I hope he will miss all the extra “pampering” when he’s better. But over all I think Kiel is doing well. Depending on the day he might argue differently but so far his physical therapist and his surgeon have been happy with his recovery.

Last week was his 2 week postop appointment and the surgeon gave Kiel pictures of the surgery.. which I find fascinating (Erin, you might not want to look…) but before Kiel went into surgery the Doctor didn’t know how bad it was going to be until he was in and saw…but apparently it was pretty bad…. when the doctor came out of surgery to find me he said he did great but he did say that Kiel would need another surgery in a couple of months.. something he is not looking forward to.. : ( but he’ll do great. Page1page4

In other Wendelschafer news….

We’ll start off with Connor… He’s my sweetheart. This week is his last week of preschool… I will post pictures of his last day at the end of the week but he has loved preschool! He has the best teacher and great friends in his class. He has grown so much, each and every day Connor surprises us with how much he is learning. We are so proud of him! He is looking forward to kindergarten next year. One thing Connor has really been into lately is coloring… something he NEVER wanted to as a “fun” activity.. it was always work.. but now he really enjoys it. So here’s a couple of his Masterpieces.. kinda silly : ) But I love them!!

2012-04-29 07.33.122012-04-25 14.44.082012-05-06 09.02.16

Miss Chloe……….. oh boy…

 2012-04-20 14.35.45

I mean, look at her… she’s our wild child… I can never take her too seriously.. she’s either frustrating me or making me laugh… silly girl. She has been just loving life.. She talks NON-Stop. She and Connor are best friends and they play so well together, they make a good team… for the most part.

 2012-04-24 15.02.42

Our Little Curtis… he’s still melts my heart. He’s just the sweetest baby ever. He’s getting so big though, it’s bitter sweet to me… I will miss having a baby but I am excited to see him running around chasing after Connor and Chloe. He has his 4 month check up next week so I will post his stats but he’s a big boy!! I think he’s bigger than Connor and Chloe were at his age.. but we’ll see.

2012-05-01 13.46.46

Well that’s a little catching up… Sometimes I don’t feel like I have a grip on thing.. just too much going on and too many things to do but at the end of the day I try to have the kitchen clean and then it’s off to bed. Things aren’t perfect or easy but Kiel and I acknowledge how truly blessed we are. We have an amazing support system with our family and our ward, and of course with each other.2012-05-02 14.09.46

I always tell Kiel… it doesn’t matter if the world is crumbling around us as long as we have each other we can get through it. We defiantly have our challenges in this life but our relationship has always been easy… Kiel is my best friend and I am so lucky to have such a supportive, loving husband… so it’s been wonderful to pamper him a little more than usual with his surgery and everything. Love you babe.  And that’s s taste of what’s happening here in Arizona…