Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardening and Soccer

Every morning I go out to our garden and feel such success because everything is still green and alive : ) I am really proud of our little garden and how much it’s producing. We haven’t picked anything yet but very soon!! Here are some pictures… It’s nothing compared to the Pedersen’s Garden but maybe someday!!


Our potted Pepper plants, 4 Bell peppers and then one Banana Pepper!

 cucumber Plant May 2013Cucumber May 2013DSCN3543

Our Cucumber Plant, It has attached itself to each of the pepper plants, the onions and the zucchini plants… It’s a very friendly plant! We have at least 5 cucumbers on their way.


All together we have at least 12 Bell peppers (My Favorite) coming and 3 banana peppers growing.


We have 2 tomato plants chugging along, this one is our Heirloom tomato plant.. very fragrant and huge, there are at least 20 tomatoes on this baby!! Very exciting!!


Then we have our onions, and celery (hidden under our ever growing zucchini plant)


Here are Zucchini’s (we’ll have at least 6) and then our Roma Tomato plant which some are already turning red.. there are at least 30 on that little guy!! It gets a lot of shade due to the Zucchini plant…


We love our garden… The kids love going out and seeing all the changes and watching things grow. we have tons of lizards that come and protect our garden from to many bugs.

Lemon Tree May 2013

And in other exciting news after 3 years our Lemon Tree is finally producing!!! We had 2 but one had a very short life… so we literally have all our eggs in one basket… This will be the MOST delicious Lemon Ever!!! well… it better : )


The SpongeBob's!!!

This season Connor has really grown and really enjoyed the game more. He has had the same Amazing Coach for 3 seasons now and he really has helped Connor improve. This season They are 5-1 so far. Connor scored this 2nd goal 2 games ago. He likes to play goalie and defense. I’m so proud of our little guy!!