Sunday, December 16, 2012

Krispy Trains

This year I couldn’t skimp on doing Trains… We did them 2 years ago with Kiel’s entire family and trying to teach everyone how to construct the “Miller's” Cookie trains was a little time consuming.. fun but a little tough.. so this year I saw in Sam’s Club this Kit to make Rice Krispy Treat Trains.. it came with everything we needed and great Reusable Molds!! They were fun and the construction part was quick and the kids had fun helping us adults create our Masterpieces. It was a great night… we made a big sugary mess, ate dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company. We planned on visiting the temple to see the lights but we were rained in… so we made due entertaining ourselves. It was a full house but a happy house!! The holidays are special and there isn’t anything I would rather be doing or anywhere else I would rather be than with family. So without further ado here are our creations!!

Alan and his Beautiful Girlfriend Courtney’s Train!!


Sean & Michelle’s train/city!! so cute.


Our silly train…. its’ for sure not my best work… but hey… it’s not that… bad.. Connor made a small one for his teacher… he’ll give it to her tomorrow… he’s proud of it…


Marc and Mikia’s Train/Zoo  : ) They “Supposedly” Won first prize….. yea yea yea…. that’s alright.. I sorta spoiled her big announcement… I predicted she was pregnant and I was right!! Congrats again!!! Another Wendelschafer on the way!!


And last but not least Mark and Theresa’s Train…


It was a fun night and something we will do every year… it’s a great tradition and it’s just fun to get the kids involved… Love Christmas time!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

“Scout” the Elf.

My cute Mom called a week or 2 ago and told me all about this “elf on the Shelf” thing… I had seen it here and there.. but wasn’t too invested in it.. but she saw Monte and Hayley doing this with their kids and thought we were missing out… so now we have “Scout” our little red elf. After carrying him around the first day and playing with him the kids liked him a lot.. then that night I read them the story and told them about the “Magic” Scout had… only if they didn’t touch him. He would loose all his Christmas magic if they touched him… Connor wasn’t having it. He got upset and told me that it was just a silly toy “Mom” … but after awhile I convinced them.. and ever since they have loved coming downstairs and finding Scout. It’s the first thing they want to do! It’s been fun. So I just wanted to post some of the random places Scout has been seen.

scout on light

Hanging from the lights…

scout in candy jar

Chillin’ in the Candy Jar…. (Had to explain that elves only eat sugar…)

scout on kisseltow

swinging on our “Kisseltoe”

scout coloring on pictures

Making Funny faces on the kids… one of my favorites… Connor wanted to put Scout in timeout for this one…. I thought it was funny and perfectly described our children… especially Chloe :/

scout on stove

Making Hot Cocoa

scout with scissors

Making his own countdown Chain… 17 more days!!!! (yesterday)

cScout with GirlfriendsScout with Friends

And then tonight… I took some of the kids toys and took some “group shots” of Scout and his new friends. and then printed them out and framed them…so tomorrow morning the kids will come downstairs and see Scout with his new pictures!! pretty cute..


obviously not every day I am this detailed.. but it’s been fun getting creative. This will be a fun tradition for years to come.