Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer has started!

So to catch up a little… I don’t understand why it takes me so long to sit down and type this up… but here it is..

The last week of school was bitter sweet. Connor had such an amazing teacher and she was so patient with us. Connor was sad to leave her but on the other hand he is stoked about going to 1st grade… me… not so much… but it’s time for him to grow up… He did really great! His report card was very impressive. Great grades.. just a little silly but Great Grades!! He has grown so much this year. We are so proud of him. He is really great at math and is reading like a champ!







Notice the “Happy Happy Happy” shirt…







After school was over we had our last soccer practice and game of the season… Coach Fred handed out awards to each of the kids as usual and he’s so kind and patient with all these 5/6year olds it’s amazing. Connor really loves soccer and has improved so much as well!


Summer has now officially started as well as all of our summer activities. We have something fun to do almost every day which is Really nice!! Our ward Moms are really great at putting together a rotating schedule for the summer. Monday is story time, Wednesdays is Summer Movies, Thursdays the kids play at the church’s gym, and Fridays are swim days! I bought a deal on for a summer’s pass to the Arizona Science center so we can go there all summer. Everyday there is something fun to do and beat the heat! It’s starting to warm up around here… which is nice and annoying… The kids LOVE going to the pool, almost every day! Either to our community pool or we blow up pools in the backyard but regardless the kids are running around in their suits most of the day. We are all developing a great tan!


The summer is fun and we are really enjoying it so far. Next year will be hectic with Connor in all day 1st grade and then Chloe starting preschool. It will be a lot so I am enjoying them all home and no major morning schedules!!

Another great thing about Summer is the kids have more time to spend with their cousins. They have been seeing them at least once a week. They have come with us to the movies twice now and it makes things more fun.


I have been so proud of our little garden.. I am impressed at the delicious vegetables we’ve gotten. I’m sure things will start to shrivel up soon enough but we’ve had much success and we are already starting to think about expanding it. It’s been a great learning experience and very relaxing for me to take care of it.












As for Kiel and I things are well. We have been trying to eat better and drop a few lbs. I don’t think Kiel is enjoying it much but he’s had great success…I’m proud of us. We work out together in the backyard (in the shade of course) while the kids splash in the pools. Having Kiel as a workout partner has been really motivating. He is very supportive and I don’t think I could do any of this without him.

There are times when I honestly don’t know how I used to do certain things. I used to craft more, sew, projects, SCRAPBOOK (something I’m desperately trying to catch up on), all those silly things… lately it’s cleaning… grocery shopping… laundry…kids activities… cleaning… primary…. budgeting… cleaning more… and then just literally dying at the end of the day. But I guess life is just one big give and take. I now am on a fun diet.. working out and trying to keep up with my little ones. Curtis is in a fun, crazy silly stage but Into or ON everything!!! He is still the love of my life.. but honestly..he is so brave and adventurous it’s tough keeping up.

I, like a lot of people get very anxious when my plate is too full. I tend to stress out when I don’t have control over certain things. It just seems so overwhelming sometimes. With all the housework, raising 3 children, not just keeping them alive… but working with them individually on the things they need to be working on. for example…

I love my Chloe. She will grab her papers and markers and tell me “Mom!! I want my lesson!!” She is so eager to learn. So when she does this it’s hard for me to resist. So I stop whatever I am doing… usually and sit down with her. I gave her the challenge this summer to learn not only the alphabet (which she already knows to my surprise) but all the sounds each letter makes. The way Connor’s school teaches… now that I know.. so I thought it would be a little bit of a challenge.. Nope. Chloe hears it, she writes the letter Capital and lower case and its down. She already knows half of the alphabet and I’m so proud of her. She is a little bit of a Diva but honestly a smart quick cookie. If only I had (or took) a little more time with her I’m sure she would be reading in the next year. She is so Eager to do all the things Connor is doing. It’s amazing.

Two weeks ago Connor noticed he had a wiggly tooth, he was so excited!! I think we were at Café Zupas and I can remember being a little embarrassed at the hoopla he was making but he was so excited, he wanted me to get on the phone and tell Everyone! It still hasn’t come out yet.. but it’s wiggly as well as the one next to it. So in the next month or so (I don’t know how long it takes for these things to actually come out… ) Connor will have a couple of holes in his mouth. Chloe is Sooo Soo Jealous. boo hoo…

In the end I am so grateful for my little family. Especially Kiel. When I get tense or start to feel that anxiety he is there with whatever I need to hear to relax and breathe. Life goes on. Our life isn’t perfect but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I look forward to another scorching hot summer (with a new AC unitSmile) filled with fun adventures and activities. We love watching our 3 little monsters grow up and growing together as a family.