Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Primary Challenge

Almost 2 weeks ago I did my very first Sharing Time for Primary. I have loved being in primary as the secretary but this is entirely new thing. I feel like after being a secretary for a year I finally figured things out and was comfortable… then they have to switch things up.. of course : ) I am happy and excited about being the 2nd counselor and I am excited about working with new people. It should be fun.

So the entire week building up to my first sharing time I helped Connor and Chloe with the challenge of the month (every month there is a new challenge for each Jr. and Sr. primary) which was to memorize part of the proclamation to the family. It took Connor just a couple of tries and then he had it.. Chloe took a little longer but we were both really impressed she did it!!

So Sunday I asked everyone who completed the challenge and both Connor and Chloe came up. Connor first and then Chloe. I wasn’t worried about Connor but when Chloe came up I was worried that she was going to get a little shy and not do it.. but she was wonderful. I didn’t even help her once!! So proud and happy with my little munchkins!! It was great way to shake my nerves a little. So here they are saying it…. at home..

Proclamation to the family

My Sharing Time went pretty well.. Always room for improvement but getting more comfortable in front of the kids will be the first thing and then I’m sure things will flow much easier. It was a great day .. .but so relieved I don’t have to do it every week : )

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Curtis!!

Our Day started off with Connor’s first Soccer game of the season..


A little chilly.. The high was 50 (Yea, yea, yeah I know… but for Arizona)…


it was a great game. Connor started off as the goalie, which I think is more stressful as the side line parent helper than it is for the kids…


I am always relieved when time is up and he can come out of the goal. But their team won 6-1 with Connor almost scoring a goal! So close bud!


When we got home it was time for Curtis’ Party! We had everyone come over and we had dinner and Cake Pops! The kids ran around and played and the adults just hung out and chatted. It was a simple birthday but Curtis was “happy happy happy!!”

I spent 2 days working on these cake pops… They were pretty simple just a little time consuming. They turned out pretty cute. Something a little different and I thought it would be fun for the kids to eat.


Curtis was excited when I handed over his very own cake pop and we sang him Happy Birthday!! He was in heaven. I can’t even describe… this is how it went….



Yea!! Yeah!!


After Curtis went straight to the tub and then shortly after that off to bed.


I still can’t believe Curtis is already one. It really seems like yesterday that he entered our little family. He has been such a sweetheart. From Day One. Before he gets older and more out of control I have to say he’s been my easiest. He snuggles with me, he comes and “checks” on me while he’s playing.. randomly he’ll come up and give me a nestle. He’s goofy and playful. As Grandma Miller says, he’s a Kiel Jr. It always makes me emotional to look at all my children’s baby pictures, just because I’ll never experience that again but the wonderful memories of those days. Curtis went from all this….

DSCN2875Chloe, Curtis, Connor 2Curtis 1 weekDSCN2965

to this in just  one very quick year. I am so proud of this little guy. He’s walking, kinda talking and really becoming a little kid. We’re still working with only 2 teeth but we’re doing just fine with that for now.


Happy Birthday my sweetheart. Our little BubbaMan. **Love you**

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Break part 2

After being home my main goal was to get better in time for the fiesta Bowl…. Who has time for that? We got home and Chloe immediately discovered her new LaLaloopsy Bike!!

I thought it was going to take a couple of days for her to get the feel of things on her bike… nope.. she was ready to go. This girl never ceases to amaze me. She is such a tough little girl… She has fallen off a couple of times and instead of crying and making it a dramatic event (like another child… cough*cough**) she laughs and gets back up and leaves. We have already gone on 3 family bike rides to the park and around the block. She’s a trooper… with her 2 lalaloopsy’s and all. Uh. Love that monster.


Thursday…. my day to be better… ** Kiel bought us tickets to go see our Oregon Ducks play at the Fiesta Bowl.


It was perfection!!! A Beautiful day, the kids were with Theresa and Mark all night. We got there in time to walk around the arena and see all the “happenings”.


I can’t say that I have ever been a huge football fan… but when it comes to College football (The Ducks ) and my sweetheart, I’m all in!


We had a great time!! I was a great season. We were able to see the ducks play twice this season, Once at ASU stadium and then here at the Cardinal’s stadium (The toaster oven, as Eric calls it.)


It was a great game… the first kick off the Ducks returned with a touchdown. First 5 seconds of the game!!! That was a great start, at least for us.. since we were sitting by mainly Kansas State fans… Go Ducks!!!  And just when I thought I was regaining my voice…. uh… it’s gone again. Well worth it though! 


We ended up winning the game and we were able to see Coach Kelly win his last game with the ducks. Kiel and I had an amazing night. I love being with that man and no matter what we are doing I know it will be a good time. Love you babe and thank you for a great night!


A Christmas to Remember

it all started a little before Thanksgiving with a conversation I had with Erin… we talked about how fun it would be to surprise Kathy and for us to just show up on Christmas. We didn’t do much with the idea for awhile…. it’s a hard thing to plan with Kiel’s job and all… so when Erin came to Arizona for Thanksgiving we made the decision to make the trip (pretty much convincing Kiel to play along)… so we booked Kiel a flight and we started to plot out our Secretive plan!!! Dad was involved in the plotting…. I think he was more excited that he portrayed!  From that moment on the hard part was keeping the secret!!! We told the kids that we had a secret and we slowly revealed the plan… the last 2 weeks the kids ran around town telling everyone that we were surprising Grandma for Christmas and that it was a secret.. They told everyone NOT to tell Grandma!! It was fun.

The last day of school we took off to Las Vegas. The kids were great in the car… Connor is an Amazing helper with Curtis….There is no way I could've done it without him. We made great time and spent the evening with Aunt Erin!! The next morning we got up early and got packed up and with 2 cars we started on our way to St.George. Chloe hopped into Erin’s car and kept her company.  There in St.George we surprised Great Grandma and Grandpa… I loved it how Grandpa came out of the garage and came right over to me and didn’t’ seemed shocked at all…. he said something like “Yeah, we knew you were coming….” WHAT??? there’s no way…. when we went inside I got a better reaction from Grandma… Thank you!!!

We took a potty break and were back in the cars … now 3 of them and off to Park City!!! The drive was nice and clear. A beautiful day!!! As we reached closer and closer to park city our excitement grew and grew….. we had a plan….. we stopped at the bottom of the hill and transferred Chloe back to my truck…. Erin and the Grandparents went up to the house and got Mom into the family room to open a Birthday Gift from me… Inside was a blind fold and earplugs… while they were getting her set up .. Me and the kids were waiting around the corner. When Erin texted me the coast was clear we pulled up and got out and waited but the front door…. the kids were prepared and ready to go…  then they came down… oh she had no idea… Erin pulled off her blindfold and the kids and I yelled “SURPRISE!!!!” She screamed (which scared Curtis and made him scream… Grandpa is coming to hold Curtis) and came and gave the kids a squeeze… It was a perfect surprise!!! Merry Christmas Momma!! Suprise 5

From that point on we were officially on Vacation.. No more secrets!! oh we got her and that just made my Christmas!!

The kids loved playing in the snow… it took 45 minutes for them to get all their snow gear on…DSCF1361

but they could’ve played out there all day. So cute.


That white stuff doesn’t fall from the sky where we come from… so they enjoyed!! DSCF1368





Scout our elf made the trip with us… and the first morning we found him dancing with one of my parents Japanese Dolls… he made himself at home…

Sunday night we made more Rice Krispy Trains… I had to show my mom how cute and easy they were….  a Miller tradition!!!


Christmas Eve started off with cooking…. of course…


Such a cute lady!!!



The kids eating breakfast with Scout… he was making Sugar angels.. his last day with us..


Great Grandma Miller babysitting Curtis…. He loved all the attention!

That night Kiel flew in to be with us… I have to say Curtis missed his daddy… he smiled the most the entire trip when Kiel was there… He loves his dad!!!


This year My mom made all these homemade fresh cookies to put on her tree…. and the minute Curtis discovered there were cookies on the tree…. it was over! He had a cookie in his hand the entire week!!!!


We had a delicious Dinner and then put the kids to bed!!! Everyone was really exhausted so Erin, Mom, and I put out all the stocking stuffers then off to bed. Well … first we watched a couple of episodes of Duck Dynasty (Funniest show ever!! ) and then…. off to bed! DSCF1410



It was a beautiful morning!! The kids had a lot of fun with their stockings and being in charge of passing out the presents.


Valerie and George got Chloe and Connor this really great Kid friendly camera. Such a great idea. They love taking pictures and even videos!!

Next were new Viking Jersey’s for the kids!! Every Sunday after Church Connor and Kiel go and put on their football shirts and Chloe was always jealous, “I don’t have a purple shirt!” sniff sniff…. she would say... so I got them both new ones to match Daddy…


The kids rode their new Razor scooters all around Grandma’s house.. and in the garage…


Curtis loved Christmas… especially when he had a cookie in his hand!!


Every Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary etc.. the one thing that has been a challenge for me is to surprise Kiel… he either guesses, or I cave in and ask him what he wants to ensure I don’t waste time and money.. but this year I did well…. He had no idea and I was super super excited about this one. His reaction is all I wanted for Christmas *

A Smith and Wesson 40. Job well done.

We got Chloe a bike for Christmas… but we decided not to haul it up to Utah… so I made her a cute card and it was waiting for her when she got home.


Curtis got this really cute aquarium (not real ) night light… It’s so perfect… it’s now in his room and it lights up his room at night and he loves it. Great Gift.


That night we played with our new toys, ate, skyped and rested.. it was a great day!!

Chloe and Connor blowing kisses to Kya

Connor and Chloe sending kisses to Kya, Nate and Tyson!

The next day, Kiel and I went up to Layton with Mom and Dad to visit the sick Pedersen’s : ( We really missed them on Christmas and wanted to make sure we saw them before Kiel headed back to Arizona.. but on the way there we had a flat tire… Kiel and Mark to the rescue… We love our brave men! We switched out the tires and were back on the road.


We brought soups, salads, tissues, drugs and flowers…. we couldn’t stay too long. We had to get Kiel to the airport but we opened a couple of presents. It’s always such a treat to be in their home. So warm and such a sweet spirit whenever we are with them. Love you guys!.


Back at home… the kids enjoying “Aunt Erin time” watching a new movie and snuggling….. and suki of course….


Before we left we made a trip to the Dinosaur Museum… due to Chloe’s tantrum last summer when we were there (July Post) we wanted to try again. The kids had a fun time.. this time we had Erin and Grandpa join us. The Adults outnumbered the kids… which is always helpful : )





The trip was a success and we had a great time!!! The drive home was a breeze….. haha… well at least it was for me…. I came down with a nasty cold and my Angelic Mother volunteered herself to help drive me and my 3 little ones home… she drove the entire way and once we got into Phoenix we met Kiel for lunch and she was off to the airport and back to Utah.  Such an angel. There is no way I could have left when I needed to without her help.. The kids would have been strapped to the top of the truck or something…. They are great in the car but I was really not feeling well so that would have ended in a disaster. Love you Mom (and Dad of course) but Thank you both for an Amazing Christmas!!!! And to Erin for being my awesome companion in crime  : ) You never know… we might get you again…..