Monday, August 5, 2013

*~Happy Birthday Chloe~*

Before Chloe’s Birthday we took the kids with Uncle Alan and his girlfriend Courtney to the Arizona Science Center, one of our favorite summer spots.



They have so many fun exhibits and fun things for the kids to do. My favorite part is upstairs. They have this “weather simulator” you can experience a tiny nibble of different weather and storms around the globe. Chloe is a little timid… she doesn’t like it too much….


Chloe’s Birthday landed on a Saturday which is always perfect. On my way home from the gym I picked her up some yummy Birthday Donuts and orange juice.


We invited all our family over for a pool party. The Weather was perfect and the pool was refreshing! Which is a little unheard of in August. The kids swam from 2pm until about 6pm. They were tuckered out by the end of the night. Chloe and Connor are now great swimmers and it’s so nice allowing them to just play and swim on their own without having to worry. Curtis enjoys the pool as well thank goodness. With his little arm floaties on he can be a little more independent. Which he loves.


Chloe wanted a princess cake for her birthday.. Well she ended  up with a princess cake.. if she had what she really wanted it would have been a pink cake with butterflies, princesses, hello kitty, little pet shop, and on and on and on……. so I made her narrow it down a little….



Everyone loved the cake….especially this little guy…


With Wendelschafer tradition there is always a piñata. It’s completely dead now.. it started out such a cute butterfly. Chloe started it off and then the boys destroyed it…

Our little princess had a great birthday. I really can’t believe she is 4 years old. Every day she seems bigger to me. It’s bitter sweet. These are some of things she got for her birthday


Happy Birthday to our Crazy Chloe!!!