Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Easter 2013!!

Easter Started off with a bang with our annual Neely Ward Easter Egg Hunt! I didn’t even try to keep up with Connor and Chloe.. They were off with a bang. I focused on teaching Curtis the ropes. It took him a couple of tries but with much clapping after each egg he got the hang of it. It was a fun morning.


   DSCN3398 DSCN3399 

I had to get to church early to set up things for my sharing time so with a little extra time we took some family shots. Kinda cute right… Love those kids… I have to say they make Kiel and I a little better looking!! Thanks Guys!


  Instead of trying to do it ourselves I handed the camera over to Connor and he took our photo… did pretty good… Thanks Luvbug!


All week I had the chance to prepare for sharing time. I was a bit overwhelmed with the idea of teaching the Easter Lesson… that’s a tough one for kids.. especially Junior Primary. But Kiel and I found these great videos on LDS.Org and I knew instantly that the kids had to watch this video. Words can’t describe this sacred act of kindness from our Savior. If you want to see go here…

It went over so well. The kids really enjoyed the video and after I bore my testimony. In Jr. primary a little girl watched me as I started to cry and then she looked so nervous and scared or worried or…. something and she started to cry… a little 4 year old.. so I had to turn it off real quick. But I loved the fact that the spirit was so strong in the room. That’s a hard task with primary sometimes. But the movie was wonderful and it was a great day!!

After church with the 2 hours we had to prep I gave the kids their little Easter baskets… such silliness but they loved it.

 DSCN3410 DSCN3411

A little while later the rest of the Wendelschafer Clan came to celebrate with us. We started off with an Easter Egg hunt… it’s such craziness but the kids just love it! Here’s everybody…..

I don’t know why but I didn’t catch Taylor alone.. but here’s a shot of all the Bunny Girls… Such good looking girls!


Easter is a fun holiday and I am always happy to be with family on such a special day. Happy Easter and I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday!