Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Break&Birthday

Sunday before Fall break I was so excited about not having school to worry about for one week.. Not that half day kindergarten is that stressful.. but the idea of waking up and not having anywhere to run off to sounded wonderful.. but out week quickly filled up as they normally do. But when we weren't running around this is what we were doing..

Connor has really been into coloring/drawing lately… I printed off some “how to” draw different animals.. etc and he just loved it!! Here are some of millions of pictures…

2012-10-14 08_32_562012-10-15 08_21_41

One thing Chloe and I have in common is… we love doing out nails… and she is such a great client. She sits still, and she doesn’t just want a color.. she wants a Story on her nails… And not being a great artist, pumpkins, candy corn will have to do. (if only Uncle Eric lived closer, he could do better than me)

2012-10-14 18_40_34

Through out the week I would have Connor work on his Math skills and he sight words. I think he has 60 total. And we told him if he learned them all we would take him mini golfing. And he did it!!! But due to illness and being busy with Grandma we haven’t made it yet.. but hopefully this weekend we feel up to it!! So proud of my little boy. I love watching him think about each and every word sounding it out in his head and then coming up with the answer and being so proud of himself.

2012-10-15 10_41_322012-10-20 09_00_32

Last year I made the kids “quarter jars” to help them save money to buy each other Christmas presents.. well this year I changed it up a little… these jars they are earning beads but it’s for things they do without me asking them… It makes me melt when I see one of them getting Petey (our dog) food without me asking… etc so I thought I would take that idea and run with it.. so far so good!!!

Decorating their Jars!

2012-10-18 09_14_412012-10-18 09_14_58

2012-10-18 12_37_46

The Oregon Ducks come to Arizona to play ASU every other year, we went 2 years ago and had a great time… this year we were a little more hesitant with the game being on a Thursday night. Kiel was nervous about that and a babysitter wasn’t really working out so we didn’t get tickets but on Monday before the game Kiel’s friend invited us to go with him and his girlfriend.. he got 4 tickets for free!! and of course we couldn’t pass up on that… so big thanks to Theresa and Mark for watching our monsters and Kiel for going to work with 2 hours of sleep…

Choosing what to wear….. I think we have enough Duck apparel….


At the game surrounded by ASU fans… oh well… We Won.. so we left with our heads held high :) Go Ducks!!


Grandma Miller came into town for my Birthday!!! So sweet of her.. We just love it when Grandma is here.. Its like she recharges my battery whenever I am around her. I had a great birthday. We shopped.. dined and relaxed. After dropping her off at the airport the kids just cried and cried about missing her… If I wasn’t driving I probably joined in with them. I always hate saying good bye, but luckily for us the trip to see Grandma isn’t that long. We love you Grandma and thank you for coming and playing with us!!!

Quick lunch at our favorite Paradise bakery, just the girls in between all the shopping : ) Kiel stayed home with Connor and Curtis  and let us girls go out and play.

2012-10-23 12_55_53

Chloe being silly!!! Love those candy corn nails…


Eating lunch at Grandpa’s favorite spot Schlotzsky’s… of course we sent him this pic to rub it in… Grandpa you were with us in spirit!!!

2012-10-24 11_24_21

Birthday Dinner at Benihana’s. This was the highlight of the trip I think. Connor and the chef became great friends. It was very entertaining watching the kids interact with the chef and being silly. It was a great dinner and then we met up with Grandma Theresa and Grandpa Mark for ice cream to end the day on a sweet note.

2012-10-23 17_08_50579325_10151212298314634_702710946_n

It was a great birthday and fall break. I am grateful and feel so lucky to have such a great family.

Friday, October 5, 2012

October with the Wendelschafer’s

I sometimes feel like my blog is haunting me… its been to long… so here’s the highlights from the past couple of weeks….

Chloe and Connor just being silly…. (its not a great picture but I love that Chloe looks like a gangster pirate.)

2012-09-02 14_12_22

One day while Curtis was down for his nap in the swing Chloe decided to put her baby down for a nap and she snuggled with Curtis.. what a good Mama in training…

2012-09-12 11_16_26

We gave Curtis one half of an Oreo cookie and when I turned around like 3 seconds later this is what a found… silly boy….

2012-09-19 17_58_46

This is Curtis cheering on Connor at his soccer game last weekend. Go Connor!! Very dedicated brother :)

2012-09-22 10_12_34

Mooommmm.. not another picture……

2012-09-22 10_24_16

A preview to Halloween!! Connor insisted on me taking a picture… .Chloe is apart of the Spiderman crew as well.. but you’ll have to wait for the complete package!!

2012-09-26 15_29_51

Curtis discovered his tongue 2 weeks ago and we always find him sticking his tongue and just playing with it all the time now…. it’s made for some silly/wet kisses now *

2012-10-03 08_25_58

Every Sunday morning I think to myself that I need to get Connor some new ties.. his are either too short, broken, or just don’t work… so I was going through my pinterest account and found a tutorial from a long time ago and attempted it.. I made 5 ties and they came out much better than expected!!! Connor was impressed and very excited about them!

2012-10-03 21_15_45

I had Connor try this first one I made on to see how well it fit (since I do all my sewing at night while the kids are sleeping) and he liked it so much that he wanted to wear it to school. He wore the Frog one the next day to school!!

 2012-10-04 08_25_33

I couldn’t resist making the frog tie… It makes me think of Grandpa Miller with his frog pin… ah Grandpa, we love you! xoxo.

2012-10-04 15_52_38

More Soccer pics, this is Chloe and her friend Eliana… They are our Cheerleaders.


Connor and his good friend Connor Given (He’s in our ward). Coach calls them Connor G and Connor W.


Coach Fred prepping the Fire Sharks!! Connor is #3.


My little Stud. Love you Bud… oooh.. so cute.


This weekend we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Saturday after Connor’s soccer game we rested and then took the kids over to Grandma Theresa’s house to play. Kiel and I had some alone/peaceful time together. We didn’t do much or had a specific plan, it was just nice to be spontaneous and relaxed together. We went and saw a movie and went to dinner at one of our favorite spots. We had a wonderful time… We went back got the kids… they were ready for bed by the time we got home. So they went off to bed by 8pm and Kiel and I laid in bed, snuggled and watched the Oregon Ducks football game. A great way to spend an evening. 

This morning I had a mission to get the kids to be more reverent during General Conference… so I was prepped and ready to go. I had a packet of coloring pages and crafts. I also saw this idea on pinterest and tried it out. Each of these bowls had a treat in them and for every time the kids heard one of these words they got to go get a treat. I kinda helped them out in the beginning but from then on they were on their own.. Connor did pretty good, even Chloe chimed in a couple of times. Next time I will change up the treats.. maybe not so much candy.. but overall it was a success… It was a great conference.

2012-10-07 08_59_072012-10-07 10_44_34

It was a wonderful weekend… and I owe it to my wonderful husband. It’s been an amazing 7 years. There are a lot of challenges in this life but our relationship is defiantly not one of them. It’s the one solid thing I have in my life and for that I am so grateful. As my Grandma Miller tells me… I was so lucky to have found you! (Thanks Grandma…..) I wouldn’t go back and change a thing…Love you!!!