Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I attempted to do a little photo shoot with the kids a couple of weeks ago… well… didn’t go so well.. First off I tried doing it on my own… and I still was recovering a little so anyways… I had a friend from my ward, a photographer take some much better photos this week. I am excited about getting those back but here is a shot I had to share that I took.. Out of the 3 that I took this one came out the best I guess… Not a Great shot.. but their cuteness makes up for it!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day

This week has been wonderful.. We are all feeling better. We broke our “cabin fever” on Tuesday when Connor went to preschool. He was excited… he helped Mommy make his valentine’s gifts for all his friends in his class.. Since there are only 5 of them Connor helped pick out a set of cars at Walmart and he hand picked each car for each of his friends. On the little card it said “I like the way you roll” and in the bag there was the car and a little treat. Connor loved  it!! Thanks to for the idea, one of my favorite websites!

Due to my loving Baby Curtis and his need for attention… it took me a long time to put Kiel’s “Sweet Note” together but it was worth it… My man is tough to shop for but I am grateful he likes my cheesy gifts. He was much more thoughtful and he surprised me major by getting me a new rug for our living room. He took Connor and they picked out a Beautiful rug!!! I love it. He always does so good!! Love you babe. DSCN2971

We wanted to do something for the kids… so to add to their new toys we got Chloe a Horse that goes along with her doll house from Christmas. She loves her “My loving family” toys.







And for Connor we added to his Lego collection… He loves his Legos and I am really proud of him… so far he has been taking very good care of them. So I am always happy to add to his collection.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Curtis 1 Month


Today Curtis is 1 Month old. Some tidbits about Curtis so far…Curtis 1 month

*He still sleeps all day

*He still loves to have some “Mommy time” in the middle of the night (joyful!)

*He loves listening to us talk… most especially Connor. He always tries to turn his head to find Connor.

*He’s starting to make those fun cooing noises. So cute.

*He likes “tummy time” he takes little naps on his belly and seems to like it. 

*He’s been smiling more and more. Not voluntarily but it still is sweet to see.

Curtis 1 months

He is a healthy, happy little boy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

This weeks ups and downs

Tuesday Connor came home from preschool not feeling well. At lunch he said he didn’t want any and he wanted to take a nap (knowing Connor… He would NEVER say something like that… ) so we started to worry about him. Later that night we noticed he was having a hard time swallowing… his tonsils were swollen. In the morning he was still not feeling well so we took him to the doctor. Connor has hand-foot and mouth disease. The doctor told me that we were in for a nasty week. There isn’t a cure… just have to let it run it’s course. He gave us Tylenol with codeine to help…

Yesterday we noticed that now our Chloe was getting the same bug.. so we started her on the same medicine. Despite my Disinfecting it spread…. but with little ones its tough.

** Side Note…I have to once again express my gratitude for my ward… I wrote on Facebook on Tuesday after leaving the Doctor’s office what was going on with him.. and to help get the word out that hand-foot and mouth might be going around….then on Wednesday morning we heard a knock on the door.. it was my amazing friend from my ward, she brought the kids popsicles. Love you Jen! Thank you again! They love them and they have come in handy!!!! Thank you!!!!

The same day we took Connor to the doctor I had a doctor’s appointment (my 4 week postop checkup) and he put me on an antibiotic to help me in my recovery. This has been the hardest/slowest recovery I’ve had so far… it has just taken a long time for everything to heal up. It’s been really tough.. I am not 100% but hopefully soon enough. I am grateful for a doctor that has taken such good care of me.

~* But on a fun note, yesterday I offered to cut Connor and Kiel’s hair and Chloe always gets jealous… so to cheer her up I Finally gave her, her first hair cut!!! She’s 2 1/2 and its her first cut!! It was just a trim. She loved it! I am so grateful she lets me play with her hair everyday. Love you Chloe!!!*~  DSCN2958



This morning.. we are all still sick. Chloe has thrown up a couple of times.. but hopefully we can get that under control and we all can get in good naps today. I have to say that we don’t get sick to often so I guess it’s our turn… but we’ve been laying low and probably will for the next week…  We just pray that we can keep Curtis from all of this. The kids know not to even get close to him. He’s just so little… it worries me. But so far he’s just fine.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Kiel & Cori

Yesterday was Kiel’s 28th birthday… he shares his birthday with our Niece Cori (Sean and Michelle’s 2nd oldest daughter) we try to do something that they both would enjoy. I think our family’s “meeting spot” is Peter Piper Pizza. It’s a place where the kids can run around and be silly and we can sit around and catch up. It’s fun and for Kiel you can’t go wrong with pizza and wings. It’s always fun getting everyone together and letting the kids play. It’s nice having kids closer together in age. And now with 3 babies within 6 weeks of each other makes for more fun. We had a fun night and hopefully we made Kiel and Cori feel special on their birthdays!


*In honor of everyone’s favorite game…I got an Angry Birds cake! Delicious Chocolate Cake filled with a Cream filing and scrumptious Buttercream frosting!!

** if anyone wants some… come on over.. we have plenty of leftovers!!**


I just had to add this picture… usually Chloe is a little……uh………. aggressive  with Curtis… she means well.. but yesterday she was very sweet and while watching toons she rocked Curtis to sleep… I love my little helpers!