Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3 Months


Our little Curtis is now 3 Months old! He’s still our little sweetheart. He has Really enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa around this week. He’s growing up too quickly. He sleeps great throughout the night, he rolls over and has started to laugh and giggle.. which just melts my heart.


This past weekend we had stake conference and with the help of Super Grandma and Grandpa I made it with the 3 kids and left Kiel at home in a quiet house. Something I would PAY for on certain days : ) But Sunday after church we drove down to see the progress of the Gilbert Temple. Our stake president talked about it a little during conference. The Angel Moroni should be going up in the next month or so. Our stake president said that this temple is the largest temple they have built since 1996. We are so lucky. It will be a gorgeous temple.


On Monday we found a great park and after the kids stuffed their faces (literally, love you Chloe..) they had fun playing. We love it when Grandma and Grandpa are in town.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kiel’s Surgery

Kiel has dreaded this day for a very long time but the day finally came… Kiel’s knee surgery… dun dun dun…. Thanks to My Wonderful Mom we had a little more peace of mind.

2012-04-09 13.42.48

Tuesday morning I went with my very nervous sweetheart to the hospital. I have always been the one in our relationship on the table and for the first time it was Kiel and I hated it. I would have traded places with him in a heartbeat… I am sure he felt the same way : ) We got checked in at the hospital and soon enough Kiel was swept away to prep for surgery. Shortly after they called me back so I could be with him. 2 long hours of waiting… and a couple of naps later….

 2012-04-10 10.30.03

The surgeon came in to prep Kiel. He apologized for running behind. The surgery before his took a very long time I guess… but he signed Kiel’s knee and he was off… my poor Kiel was now in surgery.

2012-04-10 12.08.56

One cool thing about the hospital we were at is they gave me this buzzer pager thing … like the ones they give you at restaurants… but the surgery assistants send out pages to let you know what’s happening and how everything is going… so during the 2 hour surgery one of the messages I got was this…

2012-04-10 14.28.31

After surgery the Doctor came to me and told me that the surgery went smoothly and that everything looked good.. he put my mind at ease. Next they brought me back and I was there while Kiel was recovering and coming out of anesthesia. I am so grateful I was there with him. Tuesday was a rough day for him… but we tried our best to spoil him and keep him comfortable. Wednesday he rested and just relaxed…2012-04-11 13.08.16

But Thursday it was back to work. And with his brother, Alan’s help and Mine… we all got the job done. It was the first time in a Very long time I went with Kiel all morning.. But once again I am so grateful my Mom was here to take care of our 3 monsters so I could take care of Kiel. 2012-04-12 17.31.25

I find myself surrounded by such amazing people… Kiel for his strength and his courage. He takes such good care of our little family, for my parents for their willingness to help and being here to help in so many different ways. Sometimes just having my mom here to hold my hand is all I need. I truly do cherish every moment I have with my parents. We have learned how to be  good parents from them. And from that I Love being able to take care of my family. This week I have really enjoyed taking care of Kiel. I don’t get to spoil him in that way very often.

On Friday, Curtis and I drove Kiel to his first physical therapy session… and while Kiel was working out Curtis and I snuggled in the truck… I had to add this picture… I am just so in love with my Curtis he is my sweetheart angel. Those times I get to sit and hold him while he sleeps are the moments I feel My Heavenly Father’s love the most. It’s in those brief moments I can feel how much my Heavenly Father must love me… just the way I love all my babies and my family.

2012-04-13 15.11.38

Well it’s been a long and tiresome week but we are on the road to recovery. Thank you to everyone that have offered up their prayers on Kiel’s behalf. In the hospital we both felt that comforting, peaceful feeling that only the Holy Ghost offers. Thank you. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

This Easter season has kicked started just like ones in the past with our Annual Neely Ward Easter Egg Hunt. This year wasn’t any different from any other… I had to stop Chloe a couple of times from grabbing eggs early… She thinks she is sooo sneaky. And then after all the eggs were picked up she decided to cross the line and start picking up eggs in the “big kid” side. Goodness… that girl….. After they said “GO” I didn’t see Connor again… he was super fast and Chloe and I didn’t even try to keep up. We caught up after and I was surprised how many eggs he picked up… I think once again it was a successful Hunt. We had a good time. Next year Curtis will be out there adding to the Wendelschafer haul.  2012-04-06 09.39.18

As you can see my Monster Chloe totally “ate it” the day before playing outside in our front yard, riding one her toys down our driveway… She’s fearless…2012-04-06 09.42.29

it was a beautiful day… we have to enjoy the 80 degree weather while we have it…. ooh.. that’s a depressing statement : ( oh well.. Bring on Summer.

2012-04-06 09.51.082012-04-06 09.41.442012-04-06 09.40.422012-04-06 09.42.17







Before heading to the park.. Curtis was laughing so sweet but I only caught the tail end of it.. but I thought I would share.. he makes me smile.

Chloe loves Curtis.. but I am not sure Curtis has completely warmed up to her quite yet…. he kinda flinches when she comes close… (it’s alright… I do too )

Today we did a little Easter Egg Dying… something I haven’t done in a very long time. It was fun and the kids loved mixing the colors and making new colors.

2012-04-07 11.26.572012-04-07 11.27.142012-04-07 11.27.37






Hope Everyone has a Wonderful Easter Weekend!!!