Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Funny River Fire

Life here in Alaska is No joke. I swear each week there is something new and exciting/scary happening. We felt our first earthquake. It woke me up one morning… that’s a new one for me… And then on May 19 the famous Funny River fire was first reported. I don’t believe I heard about it until 2 days later. I remember driving home from work telling my mom about it over the phone and she looked it up and saw how close it was to us and kinda…. freaked out. Telling me to make sure I had my 42 hour kits were ready to go and in our cars… I thought this wasn’t that big of deal. It rains a lot here right.? Not really. This fire grew and grew. It’s still burning to this day and probably until the end of summer but it’s all well now. But for awhile things were scary. Not for us. We weren’t really close to it but people in our ward were very close and some even evacuated from their homes. Not for long. (a night or two) But sunday the 25th we had a ward fast for the the fire and we all prayed for rain. And it did come. two days later the rain came and didn’t stop for an entire week. It truly did help. It’s amazing how huge it got without anyone getting hurt or major structural damage being done. Over 196,000 acres were scorched.

Funny River Fire1

That’s HUGE well in any other part of the United States but for Alaska.. it’s just a speck. The affect we had was a couple of mornings our neighborhood was covered in smoke. It smelled like a campfire outside and very smoky. Not bad at all. Here are some photos….




And just because I am a curious bird, after things were safe and Funny River Road was open again I went and checked things out for myself… Not far from home (10 minute drive) this is what I found…

I know it was devastating and scary for some but I found it pretty awesome. (first that no one was hurt) But the new growth that will come, is so beautiful and some of the photography that came from this fire is just breathtaking. (took this pictures from online)

funnyfunnyriverfire_1401070581945_5224477_ver1_0_640_480untitledfunny river

Its over now. Fire restrictions have been lifted.. Things are quiet again!

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