Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BaseBall Season!

I was tempted to put Connor into soccer this summer but my girlfriend/neighbor/co-parent said they were doing teeball and coach pitch for her kids that are Connor and Chloe’s age so I thought we could do that together. Better if we need to carpool etc… Connor was a little nervous to do something new but he has done so well! I’m proud of my little man. Chloe…. ehh….. she doesn’t know what she’s doing most days… our “LaLaLoopsy” she’s in her own world but she loves being with her BFF Jessie! So they are happy standing in the outfield picking at the grass and goofing off. And Curtis is Green with envy he can’t play…


our little stud would be out there next to Connor if he could. He desperately wants to be a big kid.

I didn’t realize what I signing up for when we started this season. It’s 6 weeks of games 3 times a week. So for the kids they rotate nights so some weeks we are at the fields every night of the week Mon-Sat! We’ve been rained out, smoked out from the fire.. but we have played in the rain and the Cold! It’s been fun. We have one more week left and I know we’ll miss it when it’s over.


These kids drive me crazy but at the same time they get me to laugh louder and smile bigger than anyone else in the world! Love these goofballs!!


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